Neon Chemicals is one of the leading Pharmaceutical Indenting company of Pakistan. It is located in Lahore, the city known to be the heart of Pakistan with its sub office in Karachi. Neon Chemicals is a service oriented company offering indenting services to around 450 Pharmaceutical companies in procurement of the raw material like APIs, Excipients, Packing Material and Gel capsules. Neon started its business operations in 2005. Today by the grace of God a highly professional and skilled team is busy in catering the need of the Pharmaceutical Industry in all the major cities of Pakistan.

Neon has the goal to create a supportive environment which fosters trust and confidence in its customers. It believes that business is built on relations and relations get strength from trust and faith, which can be gained only through complete customer satisfaction and it will remain to be our prime objective.

Message by the Managing Partners

We have striven to traverse from a very small entity to a big indenting house, thanks to Almighty Allah. Our strong determination to adhere to our values of quality and promptness has helped us build trust and confidence amongst our customers and principals. We believe that consolidating our strength is the only path to progress and towards materializing our vision of becoming leader in chosen markets.

    • Business Development

    • Commercial

    • Sales & Marketing

    • Shipment and Logistic

    • Accounts & Finance

    • HR & Admin

Development of new sources and enhancing new business partners
Having complete data and records for new molecules developed around the globe.
Updating all the product list for the company , giving the idea to our sales and marketing teams for fulfilling all the requirements of our valued customers.
Spreading awareness to our customers by email or brochure about the new and upcoming molecules.
Arranging sufficient technical support to clients, assisting them in sharing technical packages, product literature for their Quality control and research and development (R&D).
In this era of very tough competition every organization wants to maintain its share in the market through proper branding and this is only possible when you have competitive edge over your rivals in the shape of good quality and low price. Business development department under the umbrella of neon chemicals works for the approval new vendors from all part of the world by providing samples and necessary documents to its clients so that they can get maximum out of their vested resources.
The backbone and most dependable department having highly professional and skill full team members, is responsible for the international correspondence, giving all necessary support to the sales and marketing team. Their responsibilities includes inquiry handling, timely quotations, business finalization, negotiations with approved vendors and giving timely information and support to valuable clients.
Sales & Marketing
Acquiring new clients is one of the first aspects that companies concentrate. They also need to have the necessary skills to survive in the existing business in the first place. Today’s businesses places real value on the close integration of sales and marketing because to maintain existing clients and work for new clients is necessary at once sales and marketing department is working for both these two important obligations.
Shipment & Logistics
For the support of commercial and sales department, this sections is really important for the optimization of services. There are two subsections:- Sales Services includes the technical and clerical support for a transaction to be looked after, it completes all necessary requirements like indents, sales confirmations and records, dispatching, updating etc. Shipment department, one of the most important section for timely deliveries to our customers, Their major responsibilities are as follows:
Providing Shipment Plan.
Having Shipment Expedition( shipping Documents and requirements)
Giving shipment Tracking Details.
Providing Courier Docket with Tracking Details.
Providing Delivered Tracking
Accounts & Finance
The accounting and finance department is at the centre of Neon Chemicals and is responsible for ensuring the efficient financial management and financial controls necessary to support all business activities.
HR & Admin
Employees are among the most valuable assets of the company and are to be assisted in their development. We support and encourage improvements in competencies through training and human resource development. Personnel development enables us in achieving a vibrant and sustainable culture required for business excellence. Every employee must receive fair and objective treatment.
Management should practice leadership by example and be positive role models. They are responsible for improving the human resource within their respective departments, through developing their teams, recognizing their contributions and rewarding them on success.